Finding Harmony Within

3D2N Self Discovery

Human Design and Colour PsychoDynamics

In this 3D2N retreat you will learn to to discover your true self through two powerful modalities:

Human Design

From the moment we’re born, each of us comes with a special blueprint, like a helpful guide for making decisions, building relationships, and aligning with yourself. Human Design is your map to self-discovery, helping you remain true to yourself and fostering understanding of those around you.

Colour PsychoDynamics

How does it feel to be accepted by oneself and to understand why I was born into this world?

Colour PsychoDynamics® is a three-phase personal growth model guiding and supporting you, using the silent yet powerful language of colour, to live an inspired and wholehearted life. It is there to be birthed by you, nourished by you and lived by you and by you alone.

You'll not only learn about these two transformative practices but also discover how to integrate them into your daily life for lasting self-awareness and personal growth.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. –Carl Jung