“Everyone is born into a colour, a unique frequency of how you are going to show up in the universe.” -Mark Wentworth

Colour Stories - Healing The Many Lives of the Soul

4D3N residential certified training 

This training will help you to:
• Aligning to full life potential
• Confidence building, feeling centred and focused
• Explaining and bringing resolution to unfounded fears and phobias
• Gaining access to latent gifts and talents
• Healing and insight into longstanding health problems
• Transforming blocks in career, money and love

The healing power of Colour Stories enables us to live much more in the present, thus having a greater opportunity for creating the life we were born to live. This simple, yet profound process is an integration of Jungian active imagination, bodywork, colour psychodynamics, psychodrama and Soul retrieval.

In this four-day experiential training you will learn: 

• How to guide and retrieve Colour Stories
• Psychodramatic embodiment techniques
• Colour Healing
• Soul-retrieval methods
• Whole-person integration and ritual.

This training is both theoretical and experiential. It is open to and suitable for; coaches, healers, bodyworkers, breath-work practitioners, therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists, drama therapists, art therapists, yoga practitioners and anyone working within the field of self-transformation and personal development. It is also open to those already exploring their own Soul journey who may wish to join for their continuing personal healing.


Cacao Ceremony: The Colour of Chocolate

The ancients long recognised the healing properties of cacao, it is known for its ability to heal and open the heart chakra. Like cacao, colour has also long been known for its gentle healing abilities and for being a sign language of the Soul. 

By bringing both, together we can:

  • Have the opportunity to seek guidance
  • Ask for healing 
  • Set intentions for future projects
  • Open to new insights and experiences

Sharing cacao and colour in a group setting often deepens our experience and allows the group energy to magnify our process, and at the same time connect us to the wisdom of the ancestral healing collective.

Join! The Colour of Chocolate with Mark Wentworth. Book your spot and discover the transformative power of this ancient tradition in the heart of Jakarta. We can’t wait to share this magical experience with you!