Inner Journey Through Photography

About Practitioner

Mia Juliana

Mia is a Transpersonal Psyche Soma Analyst and Transpersonal Leadership Coach. She started her work over two decades ago in Leadership training that bring her to do the holistic transformation for Leaders by go deep tho their Unconscious with Jungian Technique. She found her innermost calling through working with Jungian Technique, Human Design, Astrology and Colours. She has been helping clients alongside Clinical Psychologist and Counsellors.

Carl Valiquet

In 1963 Carl Valiquet developed his first images in a darkroom snuggled in a church basement in Montreal. He is 18 years old and is instantly hooked by the medium. Carl was an advertising photographer in Montreal for more than 35 years. Carl travelled and created personal work while making a living as a commercial photographer. Now, living in Java, Indonesia enjoying his time working on personal projects.

Karmen Kantaatmadja

Karmen is a pioneering figure in Indonesia’s emotional healing landscape. She started her work over two decades ago in the field that was unheard of in Indonesia. She found her innermost calling through working with colours, energy and flowers. She has been helping clients globally alongside Clinical Psychologist, Counsellors and other practitioners specialising in grief and trauma.

Lily Sukamto

Lily has always been a strong believer in holistic wellness. After quitting the corporate ladder that she had pursued almost her entire adult life, she started sharing and practising the tools that had helped her heal and get through her most challenging times. She believes that healing can be done in a practical way and integrated into anyone's busy lifestyles.